Akkineni Fans Trying To Hit Samantha With A Old VideoThe rumours and gossip are unending even after it has been two months since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha have parted ways. While the reason behind their divorce is open-ended, a video of Naga Chaitanya is now doing rounds on social media, which has led the netizens to hit Samantha.

The viral video of Naga Chaitanya is from an interview, where that actor talks about marking a line for himself regarding movies.

“I am open to anything and don’t have any inhibitions for any role. But if something would hurt my family in terms of any story or a character then I wouldn’t do it. Anything that hurts my family’s emotions, I will not take it up,” says Naga Chaitanya.

Now, this video has become fodder for Akkineni fans who are attacking Samantha. It is rumoured that her bold scenes in the acclaimed web series, The Family Man 2 is the cause behind the divorce. Apart from this, Akkineni fans are making vicious attacks and cursing her for performing an item song.

Although the item song has become a hit, Akkineni fans are not sparing Smanatha for her bold and excessive skin show. Although Chaitanya hasn’t named anyone in the video, fans have inferred that it is in connection to Samantha. Thus they are now cursing her over the item song. The fans are now circulating the old video on social platforms as if it is the latest one.