Akira Nandan Looks Totally differentPawan Kalyan’s biggest blockbuster Khushi was re-released yesterday as a new year special. Not just fans but also those who missed watching it in 2001, thronged the theaters in big numbers to enjoy the euphoria of the film like never before.

The one thing that caught everyone’s attention is that Pawan Kalyan’s son, Akira Nandan was also seen watching the show at Devi 70MM in Hyderabad.

Akira wore a mask and a hoodie but still, he looked dashing and fans were super excited to see him. Akira looked completely different from the last time. He has lost all that kiddish looks and has transformed into a fine young gentleman.

Since Pawan Kalyan is getting himself more involved in politics, let’s hope Akira will enter the world of films soon and fill the void left by his father.