Akira Drops Pawan Kalyan's Surname!Usually, we see descendants of a big and influential family use the family surname. But interestingly enough, Pawan Kalyan’s son, Akira Nandan has decided to drop his father’s surname. He has decided to drop a surname as big as “Konidela”.

In the recently held graduation ceremony, Akira’s name was displayed as Akira Nandan Desai. It is evident that he has decided to drop his father Pawan Kalyan’s surname “Konidela” and use his mother Renu Desai’s “Desai”.

Netizens then faulted Akira for dropping the Konidela surname and going after his mother’s surname. They say Akira should have stuck to his father’s surname no matter what.

But it is completely up to Akira to decide on which surname he uses. It is upon his discretion to pick whichever surname he wants. It really is dynamic of him to pick his mother’s surname over the widely popular Konidela tag.