akhil fake twitter account idCyber crimes are on rise these days and it comes as no surprise that one Abhinav had opened a fake profile profile of Akhil Akkineni on Facebook. Girls who thought he was real Akhil, started sending messages to them and to their shock he started posting derogatory comments to the females.

It is learnt that a girl is instrumental to expose this fake profile of Akhil Akkineni and bring it to the notice of Cyber Crime Police. By way of using Internet Protocol this fake profile’s creator and user was traced and arrested by the Cyber police. As per the Internet Protocol act, cases were filed on that Abhinav.

Akhil has immense following among college going girls and it is natural that they would be excited to get a chance to chat with him online. But such culprits like Abhinav make use of this favouritism and try to satisfy their animal instincts by passing derogatory comments. So, being careful only would work for innocent girls from falling into wrong hands.