bandla ganesh speech Akhil akkineniFor any audio event, the presence of producer Bandla Ganesh is enough to make the proceedings interesting as he adds enough spice with his entertaining speech. This time, during the audio platinum disc function of ‘Akhil, The Power of Jua’, Bandla Stated that ‘Akkineni Akhil will rule industry for next 40 years’.

He adds that he is too selfish to pray for others’ films. But for Akhil’s movie, he prayed God that he must become a superstar. ‘Come to watch the film with expectations reaching The Everest, but the audiences are going to get more than their expectations’ says Ganesh.

‘Wait till 11th November. Till 11th November, Akhil is only a star, from 11th November moring onwards, he will be a Superstar Akkineni Akhil’ declares Bandla. He started his speech winning the hearts of Vizag people saying they have successfully evaded HudHud Toofan. Bandla marked his brand will remain the same whenever he holds mike for any function. He is an entertainer on stage, indeed!