Akhil, Akhil Growing Beard Hanu Raghavapudi Love Story, Akhil Hanu Raghavapudi Love Story, Akhil Hanu Raghavapudi Love Subject, Akhil Growing BeardSince, 3-4 years Akhil is seen sporting the same kind of look without much difference; the same light beard and moustache. But Akhil reveals that he is going to grow a beard for his next movie as the director has asked him to do so.

Next couple of months, Akhil will be on ‘Growing Beard Mission’. He is doing a ‘Young Love Story’ with a young director whose name he doesn’t want to reveal. But there are rumours that the director is Hanu Raghavapudi though there is no official confirmation on the same.

Akhil doesn’t want to repeat the mistake he did for his debut movie. Hence, he had been waiting for the right script. His second film director wants him to grow not only a beard but also hair. That implies, we are going to see Akhil in an entirely new look for the role of the lover boy he is going to essay.