Akhil vents anger on false news Some of us may not know the news that there are rumors making rounds that director Vamsi Paidipally has walked out of Akhil’s next project. Akhil is verbally disturbed and vented his anger on Twitter for spreading false news.

He appealed to print media and online media to confirm with his PR team and his manager before spreading any news. Hence he wants media to meet or call his team to confirm any news because it hurts and damages the credibility of the media.

He confirms that he and Vamsi are working together but also gave us info that the subject isn’t yet ready. Akhil assured that he will give an official announcement on the same. Akhil feels that there is no excitement in such false rumors.

There is an invisible stress in the way he vented anger on the false news. Don’t you think so?