Akhil To Meet His ‘Ayyagaru’ Fan!For those who don’t already know, Akhil Akkineni has a super popular fan, who fondly refers to him as Ayyagaru. Not so long ago, a video featuring the said fan went viral on social media. He says, “Ayyagare(Akhil) number 1. Inkevvari Valla Kaadu,(Akhil is No. 1. No one else is close to him.”

This “Ayyagaru” phrase caught on and it turned out to be a popular meme. Now, in Akhil’s latest social media interaction, he was asked about the ‘Ayyagaru’ fan. To which, he came up with an interesting response.

“I’ve seen the video of my fan. I wish to meet him. ‘Ayyagaru’ has become a part of my life now. They even used the phrase in my film. I am so happy to see one of my fan become so very popular. From a meme, it has taken a positive path and caught on. I can’t wait to meet him,” Akhil said.

Well, the ‘Ayyagaru’ phrase has become a revelation now and it has given a new aspect to Akhil’s fame and image. The said ‘Ayyagaru’ fan hails from Guntur and he was spotted doing some hungama at a film theater on the day of Most Eligible Bachelor’s release. He might be getting the chance to meet with his favourite actor Akhil sooner rather than later.