Audiences and members of the Akkineni family raving about Akhil’s debut in Manam is nothing in front of what Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu had to say. Mahesh, who recently watched the film, was surprised by Akhil’s cameo in the film and thought he is a star in the making. He quickly took to Twitter to share his praise on the young actor from Akkineni clan.

This is what Mahesh said on his Twitter page: “pleasantly surprised by Akhil’s cameo in the end..the boy has amazing screen presence….a star to look out for in the future. This would definitely boost the confidence of young Akhil, who is all set to make his full length feature film debut soon. He has already received a lot of appreciation by fans who watched the film. Let’s see how Akhil treats all this and reacts in a way that will help his career in the long run.

The big question now is with which director Akhil will make his debut soon. A lot of names have been come into the limelight but we don’t know for sure unless an official announcement comes from Akhil or the production house.