Akhil movie special showLegendary actor Akkineni Nageshwar Rao was popular for being an atheist throughout his life who never believed in superstitions. That doesn’t mean his heirs should also be atheists. The first show screening of Akhil’s movie on 8th November is enough to say that.

As Diwali isn’t considered auspicious to release a film, a special screening of the first show of the film was screened for makers and Akkineni family. The first ticket was bought by Naga Susheela, Akhil’s aunt who saw two reels of the film at exactly the auspicious time.

Superstitions are very common in film industry and hence there aren’t any big releases for Diwali. The festival falls on ‘Amavasya’ (new moon day) which is considered inauspicious. But in Tamil Nadu, any Amavasya day is considered the most auspicious day.