Akhil Akkineni Praises Sumanth Naruda Donaruda Audio Launch After a gap, actor Sumanth is coming with ‘Naruda Donaruda’, the remake of Bollywood hit movie ‘Vicky Donar’. The title itself gives the hint that the film is about a sperm donor and infertility. The trailer tells us that the film hilariously deals with sperm donation.

Talking during the audio launch event, Akhil said, “I don’t have guts to do this kind of film. This film is like going to be a path-breaker.” It’s true that we don’t have films made with this concept of infertility and sperm donation. Though this film has a unique concept, infertility isn’t discussed seriously here.

According to Director Malik Ram’s opinion, it’s very hard to nativize these kind of films and hence nobody tried a remake for the Bollywood film ‘Vicky Donar’ (released in 2012). The original Hindi movie was a comedy which opened to critical acclaim and its box-office reception had been really great. Let’s see how the Telugu remake fares.