ram charan akhilWhile Akkineni fans have been terribly upset with the delay in release of Akhil, in hindsight they all look happy with the way things have turned out for the much awaited debut of their star Akhil. The all important difference when compared to the earlier date is how the film is arriving without any external pressure and that’s where it looks like Akhil has learned his lessons from Charan.

First thing first there is huge positivity associated with Akhil and the cast and crew is trying their best to increase it further. Akhil is seen all over these days promoting the film, far cry from what happened few weeks ago with Bruce Lee where all that made news was in-family competition and clarification regarding misunderstandings.

Another big pitfall that Akhil is taking care of is the overseas segment. Rates of admission for the film is lowest in years for a biggie. The highest priority is clearly to get the audience in cinemas rather than create records. A combination of these positive efforts is generating tremendous goodwill on Akhil and therefore on the film. These things couldn’t have been possible earlier for sure as calculations back then were different.

Can all this momentum and positivity help Akhil make a strong impact with his debut? Let’s wait and watch.