Akhil Akkineni's Agent Paine “Bhaaram Vesam”Akkineni Nagarjuna’s The Ghost turned out to be a resounding flop. No one expected it to be a blockbuster, but there were decent expectations from the film after the slick trailer. But the film turned out to be a complete misfire and a non-starter.

It was another day and another disappointment for Akkineni fans. For the past many years, the Akkineni family has had no decent hit to their credit. Though Love Story and Most Eligible Bachelor turned out to be successful, the credit went to Sai Pallavi and Pooja Hegde.

Continuous disasters like Officer, Wild Dog, Thank You, and The Ghost have created a panic-like situation among fans, and Akhil’s Agent is their only hope.

A new pic of Akhil shooting for Agent near Bellary Mines is making rounds on social media. Fans are sharing that pic and writing, “Agent Paine Antha Bharam Vesam…”

Agent is directed by Surender Reddy and the story is written by Vakkantham Vamsi. Their combo has delivered hits like Kick and Race Gurram in the past. The teaser has spiked the interest of not only fans but all cinema lovers.

There are high expectations from the film and the film is being sold for very high prices despite Akhl’s not-so-strong credibility at the box office.

The film is being mounted on a huge scale and is scheduled to release sometime next year.