“Back to the ground work for my film” – Akkineni Akhil shared this on the social networking site that he is part off. There are also rumors fast catching up that the grand debut launch of the future Akkineni heir would be announced at the audio launch of the Akkineni multi-starrer film Manam. Remember Naga Chaitanya failed as a result of wrong launch and is still struggling, one expects it to be not repeated again with Akhil. So keeping these updates and rumored directors in mind, we take a look at what could be the best launch for the future star in making.

Deva Katta: There is a strong rumor going on that the debut film of Akhil could be directed by Deva Katta. The director has worked with Naga Chaitanya and his work seems to have impressed the Akkineni naturally as he is being considered for such a crucial project. However the fate of the film hangs in the way Autonagar Surya turns out. Even otherwise this isn’t an exciting combination for a debut venture where the point should be to get as much hype as possible before release itself.

Puri Jagannadh: Although not officially confirmed there is a talk that the director could be entrusted with the responsibility to launch Akhil just like he launched Charan. There would be good hype on the project as well. But Puri Jagannadh isn’t the same director that he was few years ago so this becomes a risky venture. Still with Puri Jagannadh it’s the heroes who get the credit for success as he knows how to highlight them, so it could be a risk worth taking.

Srinu Vytla: Sources say Srinu Vytla also is strongly considered for the debut vehicle of Akhil. The director too has no project confirmed after Aagadu and this could be his next after that biggie. Currently a film with Srinu Vytla would for sure generate the biggest hype but the problem is that in the director’s film it’s mostly the comedians who hog the limelight rather than the hero. Hence for a debut the director might be a wrong choice as fans would wish Akhil to be the one highlighted.

These are some of the rumored directors that are expected to launch Akhil. Which among them you think would be perfect for a debut film. Or if you have any other choice for the grand launch? Share us your thoughts.