Akhil Akkineni - Venky - AtluriHere is a typical case. The hero and the director had refuted the rumours already with a short satirical video punching on the faces of the rumourmongers, laughing it aloud. We are talking about Akhil and Venky Atluri and their rumoured differences.

However, the rumours didn’t die down and the same rumour is being circulated again even after the explicit satirical clarification from Akhil and Venky Atluri despite the fact that they made fun of the rumours that have surfaced and been circulating. This is indeed a typical case and what else the hero and the director duo can do to refute the rumours, again.

This is Akhil’s third movie and the Akkineni hero needs to deliver a hit, this time. Venky Atluri has the decent hit ‘Tholi Prema’ in his kitty and the hopes on his second directorial venture are bound to be decent, if not high. Let’s wait and see how the young team delivers. By the way, will the hero and the director come up with yet another satirical video to deny the rumours? Pun intended, folks!