Akhil nagarjunaLike any doting father, Nagarjuna also wants the best for his son Akhil. The debut venture of Akhil was delayed causing a lot of anxiety among fans. But Nag sees this as an essential move to see the best product is delivered and not to rush to release the movie in a hurry.

Nag thinks Akhil is still young and hence there is no worry as he has no time constraint. A few days of delay only will enhance the product and give a better ‘Akhil’ to fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the Akkineni scion’s venture as a hero. Nag quotes the example of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Eega’ which were postponed for months together for better quality of VFX works.

Nag mentioning the VFX works again and again suddenly is creating interest and keeps us wondering, is ‘Akhil’ also a VFX driven film? Is Akhil’s larger than life role in the film demanding tighter and apt VFX works? Let’s see this Deepavali.