Akhil Akkineni's - RGV Film Scrapped for Sure?Nagarjuna already made a huge mistake by deciding to launch his son through VV Vinayak and the star kid is yet to recover from the disaster and put himself in a happy space with regard to his career. It’s a known thing that RGV announced a movie with Akhil and kept saying that the project is still on.

The way Nag-RGV’s ‘Officer’ opened to poor talk and knowing the apparent position of RGV as a director who lost his Midas Touch, will Nag do the mistake of giving his son to RGV? A huge damage was already done in the form of Akhil’s launch movie and can’t Nag see yet another damage coming?

Will the question even arise? Nag’s recent promotional interviews for ‘Officer’ clearly stated his disillusionment on the outcome even before the release. Surely, one can’t see Akhil-RGV film happening by any chance. It can be said to be scrapped, for sure. Do we even need an official announcement?