Akhanda Working Still Positive Omen For FansIn his recent interaction with media, Balakrishna Nandamuri revealed that barring the climax episode and a song shoot, the entire filming of Akhanda is wrapped up. On Monday, the makers unveiled a new poster to publicize the resumption of shoot.

In the poster, Balakrishna is spotted in Aghora get-up and the director Boyapati Sreenu is seen giving an input or two to the former. It is safe to assume that the unit is canning the climax portion at present, given Balakrishna’s attire and the intensity that is being shown by Boyapati Sreenu in the announcement poster.

Going by the newly released poster of Akhanda, it seems to be that Balakrishna will be seen in Aghora avatar in the climax portion. Incidentally, Balakrishna’s Aghora get-up in Akhanda received a very positive response from Nandamuri fans and common audiences alike. Grasping this, Boypati seems to be emphasising on Balakrishna’s Aghora avatar in Akhanda’s climax.

A Boyapati-mark powerful climax, paired with Balakrishna’s dynamic Aghora look might work wonders for the film. This could very well mean that a mass feast is in the offing for Nandamuri fans. The new poster of the Boyapati Sreen directorial sure is a positive omen for Balakrishna’s fans and followers.