Akhanda Dallas KammasNandamuri Balakrishna’s Akhanda has taken a flying start at the box office despite the mixed talk. The collections are excellent in the domestic markets as well as the Overseas markets. The performance of the film in the United States has come as a surprise.

It has collected $335K for the premieres – the highest number for a Telugu film for the premieres this year. A few people seem to be struggling to digest this feat and are trying to belittle the achievement.

There is propaganda saying that Kamma caste groups have booked tickets and shows in Dallas city and inflated the collections. This seems to be a big joke because it is unlikely for a caste to be dominant in a city. There is no reason for them to take this movie seriously.

This looks like a big joke as if we are talking about chocolates and biscuits – buying them and distributing them for free to kids. 

If at all, they have so much clout, they would have taken NTR Mahanayakudu seriously which will also help TDP politically. The movie has collected close to $100 K even on Thursday. Are these tickets also distributed for free?

Akhanda will join the half a million by Friday itself and almost nearing the break even zone in the U.S.

Besides, Akhanda has taken a superb opening not just in the US but across the globe. For an instance, Balayya is very weak in Nizam all his career. In Nizam, the movie has collected 4.4 Crore Share. It is the best opening for Balakrishna bettering his previous best Gautamiputra Satakarni by a double margin. 

Nizam does not have much of that community, as we know. In fact, the highest opening ever for NBK so far is around 9.5 Crore Share in AP and Telangana but Akhanda has collected more than 14.5 Crore shares. 

Anti fans have been taking this propaganda seriously and are even going to the extent of blaming Mahesh Babu saying that all his US performances maybe because of the Kamma community. This seems to be becoming a joke already.

Akhanda despite having mixed talk and reviews has performed extremely well on its opening day due to various reasons. It is silly people are finding it tough to accept it and are crying on a caste and bringing in rifts between people. Are we living in 2021 or Stone age?