Balakrishna Akhanda Trailer talkThe combination of Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu is an extraordinary one in Telugu cinema. The two films they have done are proof of that. The third, Akhanda, promises to take it to the next level and unleash the ‘Mass Monster’ NBK like never before.

Simha that came a decade ago brought back Balakrishna from the slump. It also established Boyapati Sreenu as a top director. A few years later, the combo was repeated for Legend. People thought Simha couldn’t be better, but the combination delivered beyond expectations. Many of its action scenes and dialogues are still popular in public discourse.

Akhanda, the third film in the Balakrishna-Boyapati combo, once again repeats the magic. They are upping the ante when it comes to mass heroism. The whole design of Aghora character and the setting is the reason for it. The trailer highlights it correctly and gives goosebumps to the fans at the same time. The dialogues are okay, but it seems to be only lagging (or somewhat overworked aspect) in the trailer. The beginning ones are terrific, but it gets progressively mellower.

Thaman’s background score is sensational. The trailer’s impact is taken several notches higher due to his work. The cinematography, too is superb. Nothing much is known beyond the different villains and Balakrishna, though. Srikanth is one among them.

Check out the trailer below. Pragya Jaiswal is the heroine in the movie. Akhanda is now officially confirmed to arrive in cinemas on December 2nd. Miryala Ravinder Reddy produces the mass actioner on Dwaraka Creations banner.