Akash Slaps Legal Action on Puri!

Akash-Slaps-Legal-Action-on-Puri-Jagannadh---iSmart-ShankarAs if from nowhere, actor Akash of 2001 hit movie ‘Anandam’ fame has arranged for a press meet and came up with severe allegations that Puri has copied the script of his movie ‘Kothaga Unnadu’.

Of course, if we go through YouTube videos, we can easily locate the trailer of ‘Kothaga Unnadu’ that looks quite similar to the concept of ‘iSmart Shankar‘ but the attitude and the feel are in no way connected. There is definitely a similarity when we watch the trailer but ‘Kothaga Unnadu’ gives a television serial feel rather than a feature film.

Akash said that he tried to reach Puri and talk about the same, but he was unavailable despite his attempts to communicate with the director. ‘iSmart Shankar’ itself looks like the copy of the Hollywood movie ‘iBoy’. However, Akash says their script came long before the Hollywood movie.

While this press meet video is the new thing on ‘iSmart Shankar’, netizens are wondering how could Puri copy the story of Akash’s movie when there is no story in ‘iSmart Shankar’ and it’s only Ram and his heroism that has been working for the movie, big time.

Nonetheless, Akash is saying that he is getting ready to take legal action on Puri Jagannadh for allegedly copying his script that he has planned as his comeback movie. He was expecting a very small amount so that he could reshoot the portions that are quite similar in ‘iSmart Shankar’. No response from Puri made him to seek legal help, says Akash. Let’s wait for Puri’s response on this entire fiasco.

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