ajith VedalamIn these days of huge publicity, theatrical trailers are becoming a big promotional tool for a film. A theatrical sets up the expectations and is used extensively in promotions. Can one imagine a biggie with a trailer these days? That’s exactly what’s happening with Ajith’s new film.

Vedalam starring Ajith is all set to release in two days but no theatrical trailer for the film has been released. However this hasn’t dampened the spirits of the fans and neither the trade as the star is showing his power through the bookings.

The trade says that a record opening for the film is guaranteed for the festive season of Diwali going by the bookings. What’s more stunning is that despite the presence of a major Hindi release with good promotions, Vedalam is giving it tough fight in advance bookings, in fact beating the Hindi film in few of its strong territories. Now that’s stardom!