Ajith Kumar Valimai First LookThe upcoming Tamil biggie Valimai starring Ajith is turning out to be massive frustration for fans. The first and foremost reason is the lack of any promotional material. It has been over two years since the start of the shoot, and the makers couldn’t even give a first look poster.

The fans’ frustration has peaked already, and we saw its impact in India Vs England test series held in Chennai earlier in the year. Even politically, it has become a talking point. However, the anger has gone to the next level recently.

The reason for it is the official announcement by Boney Kapoor regarding the postponement of the first look release on May 1st. According to him, it is not the right time as corona cases are on the rise.

Boney Kapoor planned to have a grand celebration for the first look launch of Valimai on the occasion of Ajith’s birthday on May 1st. It also happens to be his 50th. Now that it is not possible under the current circumstances, he has decided to cancel everything.

The fans are demanding a first look poster, and that itself would be akin to a festival for them. They are ready to take the online hysteria to the next level, which doesn’t require any ‘function’. Unfortunately, it is not happening, and that is why the fans are annoyed.

H Vinoth directs Valimai starring Ajith in the lead. Telugu actor Karthikeya plays a negative role in the movie. If all goes well, Valimai could hit cinemas in August later in the year.