Ajith fans plead Gautam Menon for change in lookWhile Ajith may be enjoying his look that is as close to reality fans of the star are now expressing their clear disinterest in it. Ajith went in for makeover for his 50th film Mankatha and came up with a salt and pepper look that was received very well by the fan. They initially sang praises about their hero having the guts to come up with such a look and playing characters that are his age. However the actor did not stop at that point with that look and continued it for his next films as well. It was going all fine until Veeram happened.

In Veeram Ajith plays a rustic village character after a long time and would also be seen romancing a heroine in typical commercial style after a long gap. The actor had maintained his salt and pepper look in this film as well which has not gone down too well among the fans. So far the actor has been doing stylish thrillers where he didn’t have the typical hero-heroine romance seen in a regular commercial film and in such roles his look didn’t look odd and went with the flow of the film. But for the first time in Veeram when the actor was seen opposite Tamannah in such a look, he looked way older than his age which has got the fans worried.

The result is fans of the star are seen hounding director Gautam Menon, with whom Ajith makes his next film, to change the existing look of the star and come up with a fresh new look that would make their favorite star look young and stylish again. We are sure that the director is looking at this feedback and would give a completely new look for Ajith in his next film. Guess the fans have to bear that look for one more film.