Ajay Bhupati MangalavaramAjay Bhupathi made a stunning debut with RX 100 in 2018 starring newcomers Kartikeya and Payal Rajput. His second film Maha Samudram tanked badly at the box office and now he is coming up with a rural thriller titled Mangalavaram.

The film’s first-look poster has created a furor on social media. Bhupathi’s ‘lucky’ charm Payal Rajput features on the poster showing her bare back with tears in her eyes, and a butterfly on her finger. The poster is intriguing.

RX 100 created a mini sensation in those days as people found the content bold and shocking. The film’s main twist and climax became the talk of the town. The audio also helped the cause.

But in the last few years, the audience has been exposed to content from all over the world due to the OTT boom. They have watched an innumerable number of films with bolder and more shocking content.

So it will be a herculean task for Ajay Bhupathi to shock the audience this time which has become more aware and woke. The film needs to have a lot more strong and gripping content than just being bold.

Let’s hope Maha Samudram was one odd misfire and Ajay Bhupathi impresses once again with Mangalavaram.

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