People Troll Him, ‘Nuvvoka Rajamouli Mari’

Ajay-Bhupathi---People-Troll-Him,-'Nuvvoka-Rajamouli-Mari'It’s always important to give a proper response to baseless rumours or else give time so that they die down natural death. When ‘RX100’ director Ajay Bhupathi chose the former mode to rubbish the rumours on his next, there was something in his attitude that made him the food for trolls.

He tweeted, “I know when and with whom, and how to make my second movie. Please stop the rumours!” This tweet clearly shows that he was imitating his GuruRGV’s style and attitude to the tee as if he gives a damn to what others think and write about him.

Responding to Ajay Bhupathi’s tweet, one Twitterati threw a satire saying, “Nuv pedha Rajamouli mari!”. That literally translates to, “Are you another Rajamouli? Not many people know your name, even.”

For the uninitiated, there were rumours that Ajay Bhupathi’s second movie would be with Naga Chaitanya. Even Samantha was mighty impressed and gave her nod to be part of the star cast of the movie. Maybe, this is his imported RGV’s style to say that the rumour is false.

Why do all RGV’s disciples behave as if they are his clones? It has become a common thing to see directors who come from RGV’s school, more or less trying to imitate his attitude.

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