Zombie Reddy - Aha VideoOffline promotions form the key for promoting a new movie before and after the theatrical release and for the digital release on an OTT platform, it would be mainly the online promotions that the makers and the streaming partners plan for.

But, Aha Video is walking that extra mile for its new releases going to stream on the digital platform. ‘Zombie Reddy’ is going to stream on Aha Video from 26th March onwards. So, Aha started offline promotions for the movie with his team going to various cities and conducting meets.

Maybe, this will turn into a new precedent and other digital platforms may also go for such offline promotions. However, it’s not easy to cover all the movies across all the languages. So, Aha Video has the benefit of streaming the Telugu movies only or Telugu versions of other languages.

Looks like, Aha Video is trying everything in its capacity to make the most of the new releases and therefore, increase its subscriber count phenomenally.