Aha Turns One Year - a Surprise OTT Blockbuster!Aha, the first regional platform in Telugu turns one year this day and contrary to the opinion during the initial days, it turned out to be a surprise blockbuster. When they launched a year ago, nobody expected that Aha will reach the place where it is today.

Among the major OTT players, Prime is anyway ruling the roost in the South and in Telugu market bagging the streaming rights of big and small films back-to-back. In that scenario, Aha’s strategy worked out well, the strategy of keeping on adding one or two new titles every week.

They aren’t always straight films and shows. people at Aha keep including hit dubbing films or Aha original Telugu series. Most importantly, the subscription fee for the platform is minimal i.e., only Rs 365 per year and that’s totally worth it

Everything is working in its favour because of the way it’s going right now. It’s the first and only Telugu OTT platform right now and it has definitely created a space for itself. The major credit goes to the big heads Allu Aravind, Ramu Rao Jupally and the core team Ajit Thakur, Lloyd Xavier, Programming head Surya, Rajashekar Reddi and Pranita Jonnalagedda and others at Aha.