Aha Video - Unstoppable With NBKThe second episode of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Unstoppable with NBK for Aha Video is out last night. The Guest for the episode is Natural Star Nani. The episode is raking superb response. Here is some of the observations of the episode.

Balakrishna who is usually known to be a serious and short-tempered man has portrayed his other side in the show. We can see him free flowing and also jovial. The actor even went to the extent of making fun of himself.

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He has revealed about his brand (Mansion House), joked about the infamous Train Episode of his Palnati Brahmanaidu, made fun of a thigh-slapping episode, talked about showing short temper on fans etc. These things only portrayed the other side of Balakrishna.

A beneficiary of Basavatarakam cancer hospital speaking about Balakrishna’s help is heartwarming and moved everyone.

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Meanwhile, there is Nani who is intelligent and diplomatic as well. At times he was submissive to Balakrishna’s seniority and stardom and the rest of the times, he clearly put forward what he had to say.

With this combination, the episode turned out to be funny and breezy. In fact, it has been more interesting than the first episode. The Talkshow is getting exciting with every episode and it looks like Aha Video has got a big winner with Unstoppable.

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