3 Roses Telugu Web Series Trailer - Aha VideoAfter a sneak peek 3 Roses teaser, Aha OTT regional platform unveiled the trailer a while ago. If the teaser was a whirlwind introduction of all the three women ( Eesha Rebba, Paayal Rajput and Poorna), the trailer gives us the complete picture of who they are and what their aspirations are.

The common thread among the three women is the concept of marriage. While Aha OTT has dabbled into a serious concept but there is no preachiness. It is all fun, peppy, with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

From hilarious one-liners to showcasing a younger guy who wants to get into a relationship with a woman much older to him is spoken in 3 Roses to break the stereotype. The music also blends seamlessly.

It is evident that the 3 Roses concept is to make things normalise for women in society by having their individuality. It also talks about the societal pressure of marriage but everything is made super fun and vibrant.

Directed by debutant Maggie and having director Maruthi as the showrunner, 3 Roses is bankrolled by SKN. The show is all set to premiere from November 12.