Agitations come in as a boon!

The hue and cry of small movie makers over big producers engulfing their chances and creating theater mafia is now subdued. The ongoing political turmoil in the state had created a big vacuum at the box office and making use of this gap as many as 50 small movies released during this time. Most of these movies struggled to see the light for several months now. While as always audience rejected the bad ones, the movies with decent content did considerably well.

For example, the buyers and makers of Anthaku Mundhu Aa Atharuvatha are already in profit zone. The makers of Adda managed to break even with not so great content. Made with a modest budget of 3.5 Crores, the movie made 2.5 Crore share in Nizam region alone. All in all, it is certainly a good time for small movies and more to come.