AkhilAkkineni_AGENT_Release_Date.jpgThe team of Akhil Akkineni’s Agent unveiled a new video to announce its new release date. Akhil can be seen in action and beast mode which has created enough buzz to make movie buffs eager to watch the film.

Agent is one of the highly anticipated films and Akhil has pinned all his hopes on this one. He has undergone a drastic physical transformation to do justice to the role. But to create an impact as a leading hero in such a big film, it takes more than just body transformation.

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For example, in the recently released Michael, Sundeep Kishan also went through a lot of body transformation. He put in a lot of effort, but the impact on the big screen is not encouraging.

Sundeep Kishan was projected as a dreaded gangster, but the elevations fell flat as he isn’t there yet in terms of the screen age and persona. The character feels too big for him and he couldn’t carry it off.

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Despite all the support from the director and technical team of Agent, it is Akhil who has to deliver. He has to deliver as an actor and prove himself with Agent, as this might be the best and last chance to prove himself to be worthy of being a leading hero.

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