Akhil-Akkineni-AGENT-TeaserAkkineni fans are pinning high hopes on Akhil Akkineni’s Agent. The teaser of the film dropped a little while ago and it is loaded with stylish action shots.

The teaser starts with the introduction of Mammootty’s character who then introduces Akhil’s character.

“Wild Saale” the female lead calls Akhil in the teaser and that perhaps perfectly describes his character. He is seen as a reckless lad.

The stylish action shots in the teaser are of top quality. The visuals are aesthetic and adrenaline pumping. The background score is an accordance with the theme.

Akhil looks fit as a reckless brute with loaded guns in his hand. This is the wildest characterisation he has portrayed in his career thus far and that amps up the excitement.

Akhil’s heavily ripped physique is also a feast to the eye for Akkineni fans. He has undergone a stellar makeover.

Surender Reddy is evidently coming up with another sleek action thriller, this time with excellent visuals. The teaser looks promising.