agent-sai-srinivas-atreya-trailer-talk-a-gripping-thriller-in-worksThe theatrical trailer of the much-awaited detective thriller in Telugu, Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya is out. It is without any doubt a fresh subject in Telugu, but is that enough?

The trailer hits the right notes in part and that part starts at the half mark moment in the trailer when the seriousness takes off. Until that point, the impression that we get is that of a silly film that could provide fun.

The second half of the trailer is intriguing and offers enough meat to the viewers to look forward to it. The making looks alright and everything depends on the core mystery concept. Naveen Polisetty has done a decent job based on the trailer. The dialogues also look fine.

Check out the trailer below. Swaroop RSJ directs the movie. Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya will hit the screens all over on June 21st. We have to wait and see if the variety entertained lives up to the potential or not.