Agent Anand Santosh Trailer The trailer for YouTube star Shanmukh’s Agent Anand Santosh is out now. The Aha original is an Agent-based thriller with a funny tone.

Shanmukh plays an agent who finds himself deep in trouble following a few troublesome situations. But the catch here is that he works at an agency which is filled with age old veterans.

Funny cases like a kid losing his cricket bat, a lady losing her slippers are the initial cases he gets and this has scope for good comedy.

Then there’s the action part which understandably forms the main plot for the whole series.

There’s a love track as well between Akhil and his love interest. This will be another important subplot in the whole narrative.

Agent Anand Santosh’s first couple of episodes will stream from the 22nd of July, as confirmed in the trailer that was unveiled a short while ago.