Age no barrier for direction: Singeetham

At 81, Singeetham wrapped up his upcoming film in flat 35 days, and says if age is not a barrier for acting, then how could it be for direction. Not only has he directed his upcoming Telugu film “Welcome Obama”, he has also written and composed music for the same.

He says he is inspired by his guru Pingali Nagendra Rao, who used direct, produce and even compose music for his films. Singeetham says if his guru can do it, then why not him? In ‘Welcome Obama’, the octogenarian has addressed surrogacy as a theme.

When asked why he chose such a random topic, he said, ‘somebody has to make films on these subjects too. I thought why don’t that person be me’. The film is getting ready for release soon. Singeetham is keen to work on a 3D film soon.