Rajinikanth Biopic, Superstar Rajinikanth Biopic, Superstar Rajinikanth Biopic Movie, Rajinikanth Biopic Movie, Superstar Rajinikanth Biopic Documentary, Superstar Rajinikanth BiopicNowadays filmmakers are keen on making biopics on sportspersons and there are half a dozen sports biopics which are in different stages; some already released and some in the making. Now, it’s the superstar’s turn for a biopic.

Is a biopic on cards for the superstar, Rajnikanth? Yes, confirms his daughter Soundarya. The superstar’s family is keen on the biopic and they want to see their father’s life on screen from his initial days as a bus conductor to his rise to stardom in the film industry.

Like millions of fans across the globe, even the superstar’s family want a biopic to be made on the superstar. So, the book being written by Aishwarya Dhanush will serve the purpose which is going to include both known and unknown facts of Rajinikanth’s life. This is just the initial stage of the biopic, a lot has to happen before it goes for pre-production. Let’s wait and see how long it takes.