After Son Of India, Ginna Available Only On Rent In U.S.Manchu family had been facing a rather tough time in the theaters as their recent theatrical releases – Son Of India and Ginna turned out to be non starters at the box office.

Now, both Son Of India and Ginna are streaming on OTT. But there’s a catch here. The films are not available for Prime video subscribers in the USA with the standard subscription.

These two films are streaming on pay per view basis in the USA. User needs to rent these for $2.99 to watch them on Prime. This has left a section confused about what’s the need to release the films on pay per view basis even many months post their theatrical release.

But the thing here could be that the agreements are struck in such a way that the OTT giant offers just the platform and the makers of the films get money based on the viewership. This is the reason for the pay per view release of these films.

Both Ginna and Son Of India are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.