After Some Bad Press, Nandamuri Fans - Heroes Bonhomie on DisplayThere is a Bad Press for Brand Nandamuri in recent times after Balayya lost his cool in the election campaign on a quite a few occasions. But then there are two examples in a single day today about the relationship between Nandamuri fans and the heroes.

Fans from Karnataka printed the pictures of his favorite hero, Nandamuri Balakrishna on the Marriage invitation of his son which will take place on 13th of this month. He extended an open invitation to all the Nandamuri fans across the globe to attend the ceremony and bless the couple.

And then, there is another bad news of Krishna District NTR Fans President, Jayadev passing away. He has been an ardent fan and well-wisher of Nandamuri family from Senior NTR to Tarak. The Young Tiger had released a condolence note for Jayadev revealing how caring he is about his fans. Though one of this is an unfortunate incident, Nandamuri fans are moved about the bonhomie between the fans and the heroes.