Gone are those days, when one of the qualification to become an actor was to be able to sing. Long back when Cinema was taking only baby steps it was mandatory that the actor should be able to say his/her own dialogues but also able to sing. There was no play back singing. Hence the musicians alongwith the actors used to play their instruments while the actor used to sing live on the sets.

Today, leave about singing, the actor needn’t even know the language and for that matter, it’s not very important that he even emotes. Graphics and digital wonders do all the work for them. Once again stars are coming out to sing. Way back, megastar Chiranjeevi crooned for ‘Chai’ song for ‘Mrugaraju’. After that many actors are venturing into singing though not taking up singing career seriously.

Very recently actors like Pawan Kalyan, Nithin, Jr.NTR, Ravi Teja, Manchu Manoj, Shimbu and many others are occasionally singing for their films. Tamil actor Shimbu even received an award in the recently concluded SIIMA 2014 and wished that he would one day sing for Pawan Kalyan even. With more and more actors venturing into singing, seems it is high time an award for actors who can sing should definitely be taken into consideration. What say?