Just few days ago Atharintiki Daredi has crossed the full run of Magadheera in the area Nizam to create a new record and now the film has reportedly gone past the full run of the film Magadheera in another area Uttar Andhra. Atharintiki Daredi has now gone past the 6 Cr mark making it the highest grossing area in Uttar Andhra.

Uttar Andhra was initially at the beginning of the run of the film, the strongest performing territory. It was going so well that the trade initially predicted it to be the first territory to topple the four year old record set by Magadheera. But then agitations happened and when things looked to be back on track post the Duseera holidays, rains surfaced again. In the end after more than a month finally Atharintiki Daredi has achieved the target.

Atharintiki Daredi starring Pawan Kalyan and Samantha in the lead was directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It has become the biggest grosser in the career of all involved in the film including the producer BVSN Prasad. There trade is expecting Atharintiki Daredi to set two more area records at the maximum in its final run. Let’s wait and see which the next territory is going to be.