Surender ReddySurender Reddy is considered to be one of the most stylish filmmakers in Tollywood. He has delivered some successful films like Athanokkade, Kick, and Race Gurram in his almost two-decade-long career. But his success record has never been consistent. He delivers one hit movie and then follows it with a string of flops.

But the main issue with Reddy is that he doesn’t deliver the film to the makers on time. He takes ages to complete a film. Keeping aside the hits and flops, the minimum a producer expects from his director is that he will deliver a polished product within a stipulated period of time. But Surender Reddy keeps on shooting the film for years.

His latest film Agent is another such example. The film was supposed to release in Dussehra last year. Then it was postponed to Sankranthi. And now it is again postponed to a later date. The reason being the film is still not ready, and Surender Reddy is still shooting the film.

The production costs, the interest on the finances, and other expenses are piling up increasing the producer’s burden with each passing minute.

Akhil is also no superstar who has a big market. He is also waiting to get his first big hit. He cannot pull off if the production costs go haywire. On top of that, there is no guarantee that Surender Reddy will definitely deliver a blockbuster film that will justify his never-ending shooting schedules.

No director can guarantee a hit film but the least Surender Reddy can do is he should maintain discipline and deliver the film to the producers on time.