After Divorce, Samantha & Nagarjuna Are On The Same Page!When Naga Chaitanya and Samantha announced their separation, we have seen the actress fighting a legal battle with some Youtube Channels for showing derogatory news on her. While the actress pushed for a defamation suit, the court let them go by removing the content.

In an interview, Nagarjuna also expressed his displeasure about a few Youtube channels peddling nasty news about his family. “I don’t care if it is about me. I always think, unless there’s fruit in the tree, they won’t throw stones. So, there is no big deal. But I am hurt when they write something nasty about the family especially the YouTube Channels these days,” the actor said.

We do not know if there are any compatibility issues between Samantha and Nagarjuna before and after the divorce. But they are on the same page at least in this issue. We wonder if Nagarjuna is also mulling a legal action on the YouTube Channels like his former daughter-in-law.

In his career all this while, Nagarjuna never took such a step even though he has certain complaints about some media houses.