After Akhanda, Dallas Leads For RRR As WellRRR is being awaited eagerly and the advance bookings for the film are on fire in the US. The pre-sales have already crossed half a million views in no time.

Out of this, Dallas is dominating big time as 6,817 tickets were sold so far for a gross of nearly $200K. Generally, Dallas is usually around a 15% market share.

After Dallas, it is Ohio with $33K, WA with $30K, VA with $26K, and lastly, NJ has made $17 K pre-sales so far. Dallas was the area that sold huge tickets for Akhanda and Pushpa as well and now it is happening for RRR.

On the other hand, the Cinemark chain is dominating the pre-sales as others haven’t fully opened their bookings yet. After Cinemark, it is Regal Movies and Emagine Theaters that come second and third. We need to see how much will the film make until the film releases.