Alcohol-in-Cadbury-villageWe may not find a village in India where no alcoholic products are available. Thanks to much ambitious targets of the Excise Departments of state governments in promoting alcohol to the almost every corner of the country by setting ambitious targets. But readers may really get a surprise after hearing news about one village called ‘Bournville’ in the England where sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

‘Bournville’, this name might not be heard by many people in this country. But everybody in this country might have heard the name of ‘Cadbury’, a chocolate manufacturing company operating since 1824. The Bournville is a village constructed by the founders of Cadbury in Birmingham area, England in 1890’s. Abiding to the beliefs of the Cadbury founders, the villagers observe the non-alcoholic since birth of village.

Now these beliefs made paradigm shift with changing times. An Indian named Kamal Sharma owned a bar license after 7 years struggle to open bar in this area. Recently, he won petition to set up the bar in Bournville village with thumping 400 members supporting and 230 members opposing it. He granted clearance from the local authorities with restrictions including bar opening timings(10AM to 9PM only), drinking allowed only inside the bar and setting up of CC TVs in the bar etc.