Advance-Booking-Report---Tholi-Prema-Leads-Over-InttelligentIn the clash of Mega heroes, Varun Tej is rising to the challenge thrown by Sai Dharam Tej. His class film is clearly preferred in the A centers over the mass Inttelligent. The round one of advance booking is going to be taken by him.

Despite one day gap in the release and Inttelligent arriving early, it is the booking of Tholi Prema which is showing a spike. Inttelligent is looking dull, and it would require a right word of mouth to turn things around. In the small centers, the case would be different and Intteligent will be leading, but will that be enough to cover the gap in the bigger centers needs to be seen when looking at the bigger picture of the opening day.

The presence of blockbuster Fidaa behind Varun Tej is helping the Mega Prince a lot. Also, the title Tholi Prema has a good recall value. Add a positively liked trailer, the overall interest on Tholi Prema is higher compared to Inttelligent.