Flurry-Of-New-Releases,-But.Telugu cinema is back to thick of things when it comes to movies. We are witnessing multiple films each week, and the coming Friday won’t be any different. There will be a flurry of new releases. Allari Naresh’s Naandhi, Sumanth’s Kapatadhaari, Vishal’s Chakra, and Dhruva Sarja’s Pogaru are the new arrivals.

Among them, Naandhi starring Allari Naresh is the first choice among the Telugu audience. It has Allari Naresh going for a makeover portraying a serious role like never seen before. The screens are an issue, as it has to share with multiple movies. The take-off for the film will depend on word of mouth.

Vishal’s Chakra has developed buzz but lacks screens due to the uncertainty of release. Now that a court release has come, it should be scheduled well.

Sumanth’s Kapatadhaari is another movie, like Naandhi, that is expected to grow once word of mouth kicks in. It is not a movie dependent on the openings, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Pogaru in Telugu has generated decent buzz due to the publicity and presence of Rashmika Mandanna as the heroine. Not much is expected of this Dhruva Sarja starrer at the box office, though.

But, and a big one at that, it is still Uppena which is expected to be the weekend’s dominating movie. The shows it has are still on par (or better) than the new releases. It has every possibility to have another bountiful weekend at the box office with youth and family participation.