Jathi Ratnalu-Advance -BookingThree films are releasing tomorrow, on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri festival holiday. But, if one were to go by the advance booking, one could feel that there is only one arriving at cinemas. It is Jathi Ratnam all the way.

The Naveen Polishetty starrer Jathi Ratnam has connected big time with the youth. The bookings wherever it opened are fabulous. It is the only movie among the three that is getting sold-out shows across the board. Interestingly enough, it is getting the lowest release of the three.

Sreekaram is a shocker concerning the advance booking. Much was expected from it as it stars a more prominent name, Sharwanand, comparatively and is a much bigger production. The trailer focusing more on the message seems to have affected the initials. It could be the biggest gainer of the three if word of mouth comes out positive.

And finally, Gaali Sampath is the last choice. It was a toss between Gaali Sampath and Jathi Ratnalu for the second choice when the clash was locked. However, over the days, Gaali Sampath has lagged. It will also need great word of mouth to pull the audience. Among the three, so far it has the lowest booking. But it has got a decent release.

As it’s a holiday, the collections will pick up as the day progresses, irrespective of the advance bookings. But, to get a significant number, both Sreekaram and Gaali Sampath need good talk.