Advance-Booking-Incredibly-Dull-And-Highly-Depending-On--TalkAnother week is getting ready with a fresh set of films. Much like the previous week, we have three prominent Telugu films hitting the cinemas on March 19th. They are Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, Mosagallu and Sashi.

Unfortunately, none are making any noise at the box office. The advance bookings so far are incredibly dull and weaker than the week before Shivaratri. In short, it is the dullest bookings so far post the revival of movies where there are notable movies.

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga starring Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi coming from Geetha Arts stable (GA2) was expected to take the lead, and it looked like so a week ago. But, things took a drastic turn last week with the release of the new movies. The unexpected success of the comedy Jathi Ratnalu seems to have stolen the thunder of Chaavu Kaburu Challaga. The response is an indication of that.

Still, if there is any chance to pick up with the good word of mouth among the three releases, Chaavu Kaburu Challaga tops the list. It is due to the promotions and good backing by the team. Also, Karthikeya is a fresh face comparatively.

Between Mosagallu and Sashi, the former starring Manchu Vishnu has a slight edge due to the cast (Kajal Agarwal, Naveen Chandra, Suniel Shetty, Navadeep) and the theme. The latter too has a blockbuster song, but the trailer and the lead actor’s (Aadi) form is a downer.

The lack of buzz also gives the holdover releases, especially Jathi Ratnalu, to make a bountiful in the second weekend. If things don’t go well for the new arrivals, it could emerge as the audience’s first choice.