Adult-Movie-That-Minted-Money-in-2019Adult content is a kind of attraction to a section of audiences, and if done in an entertaining manner with using the comedy aspect, it can become a sure shot for the producers to mint money even with a minimal budget.

Coming to more than a dozen adult comedy movies that came to the Telugu Film Industry in 2019, there is one film that actually collected more money than expected. We are talking about ‘Yedu Chepala Katha‘.

For the kind of budget they had spent on the movie, the money they collected is like a big thing. However, it can’t be compared to any other genres as the budget range of this movie was too small.

Besides ‘Yedu Chepala Katha’, a couple of other films also got some attention due to the sleazy content they showed in the trailers. One of those films was ‘Chekkati Gadilo Chitakkottudu’.

Coming to Payal Rajput’s ‘RDX Love’, the heroine was left embarrassed for doing some bold scenes and the expressions that looked like straight from some porn movies.

It wasn’t a successful movie, anyway proving that adult content isn’t going to be the selling point if there isn’t proper content. The others on the list of adult-content movies that came in 2019 were easily forgotten.